Household Auction

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Household Auction

Whether you’re looking to clear out some items collecting dust in the attic, or you need to sell off an entire estate, you want the biggest return for your items. At Gathman Auction Co., we use today’s leading marketing methods, top of the line auction technology, and a competitive commission scale to help you get the most money out of a household auction. We’ll sell just about anything including:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Tools
  • Vehicles

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you sell your old belongings that you no longer need or don’t have room for.

Professional Household Auction Promotion and Advertisement

In the past, anyone could sell their belongings by taking out a short ad in the local paper. Today, paper ads are more expensive than ever and are being seen by far fewer people. You could try your luck with online selling sites, but these take a lot of time, and you never know what kind of people you might be meeting up with.

At Gathman Auction Co., we use today’s best promotion and advertisement techniques to get as many people to your household auction as possible. The more people that come to the auction, the more people to run up the bid on your items, making you more money.

Modern Technology

With everyone having a small computer in their pockets at all times, people expect to be able to buy new belongings at the push of a button. A household auction is no exception. People want to bid on items from the comfort of their home or as they’re on the go, without actually coming to auction.

At Gathman Auction Co., we offer both on and off site auctions. Our online auctions give bidders the ability to bid from their computers or mobile devices. Having your items available online also gives bidders the chance to see what the auction has available before coming to get a better look at the items they really want.

Competitive Commission Scale

We know you want to get top dollar for your belongings, without the hassle of selling it yourself. That’s why a Gathman’s household auction offers a very competitive commission scale. At the end of the day, we want everyone to go home happy with great deals and great new items.

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For the best in household auctions you need a team that mixes modern technology and advertisement with tried and true auctioneering techniques. Call Gathman Auction Co. today at (309) 696-4312!

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