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Whether you’re a collector selling some toys at a farm toy auction, your coins, or you need to make room for new antiques by selling off some old ones, you want to get the most money from your valuables. Maybe you are looking to sell some farm ground or a house. At Gathman Auction Co., we have many years of experience selling your valuables at auction for top dollar. We can help you sell just about anything including:

  • – Real Estate From Farm Ground to Homes
  • – Household Items
  • – Cars
  • – Farm Equipment
  • – Collectibles
  • – Much More

Our expert staff use the best marketing techniques, top of the line technology, and professional photography making it easy to sell your items for top dollar. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

Selling at Auction is Best

There are many ways to sell your old items including newspaper, Facebook, and online selling sites. None of these options are as effective as selling with Gathman Auction Co. – for example:

  • Time: You have to do everything yourself with the other options. Possibly managing phone calls and emails, for weeks after the items have been sold. You also have to arrange to meet the buyer and spend time making the exchange.
  •  Marketing: Generally, when you use other options, your items are only seen by a few local buyers. With Gathman Auction Co., we use professional marketing to make sure your items are seen by the top collectors and buyers in the United States and beyond. Over the years we have focused on building our web presence and have been very effective. Your items will be viewable on such platforms as Google, Auction Zip, Facebook, and HiBid. We also advertise with Auction Time (also known as Tractor House) when appropriate.
  •  Value: When you sell your used items directly, you’re open to negotiations. All buyers want to get the best possible deal, and many more buyers will waste your time trying to get your items for far less than what they are worth. At Gathman Auction Company, we specialize in online auctions. Online auctions have a much larger audience thus bringing you a higher price for your items.

At Gathman Auction Co., we handle all the hard work for you. We get the buyer for your farm or home, or maximize the number of bidders at your collectibles auction to make sure you get top dollar without negotiating for hours on end.

Contact Gathman Auction Co.

If you’re selling items within the state of Illinois and want to get the most money for your belongings with the least amount of work, you need the help of Gathman Auction Co. Call us today at (309) 696-4312!
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