Farm Toy Auction

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Farm Toy Auction

Whether you’re looking to unload an old toy taking up space in the garage, or you’ve been a passionate collector for years, and are ready to get a return on your investment, you need to find buyers ready to pay top dollar for your collectibles. A farm toy auction is one of the best ways to get the most money back for your toys. We sell various farm toys including:

  • Peddle Tractors
  • Scale Tractors
  • Scale Farm sets
  • And More

At Gathman Auction Co., our team of experts use top of the line technology and modern advertisement techniques to get the right collectors into your farm toy auction. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you get the most for your toys.

Professional Antique Toy Auction Promotion and Advertisement

While many people may see antique farm toys as just another toy, we know that these toys mean a lot more to the right person. A farm toy auction requires a very select group of bidders if you’re wanting to earn top dollar.

You can advertise in your local paper or on your local selling site in hopes that the right people will see it. Or, you can count on Gathman Auciton Co. to find the sentimental person who wants to replace the John Deere peddle tractor they had as a child, or a collector looking for the missing 1/64th scale combine missing from their collection.

Modern Technology

The items you sell at a farm toy auction may be old, but the technology we use to sell them is not. We have implemented top of the line auction technology that will allow our bidders to not only bid in person, but to also bid from the comfort of their home on a computer or mobile device.

Another benefit to having your farm toys online is so people can see them before showing up. When they see the item they’ve been searching for they’re going to show up ready to bid what it takes to go home with a complete collection.

Contact Gathman Auction Co.

To sell your farm toys for top dollar, you need to get your items into a farm toy auction. At Gathman Auction Co., we use the best technology and advertising to get your toys in front of the right collectors. Call us today at (309) 696-4312!

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