Welcome To Gathman Auction Company

Auction FAQ

  • What type of Items do you sell at auction?

    We accept consignments of antiques, collectables, farm close-outs, household, toys, tools, furniture, cars, coins, jewelry, firearms, and more. We can sell one item or we can sell your entire collection. Please call for further information.

  • Do you offer delivery services?

    No, unfortunately we do not. However, we are happy to arrange shipping for you with our in house shipping department via USPS or UPS at cost (postage and materials) plus handling.

  • Can I use my credit / debit card?

    Yes. We gladly accept credit cards, debit cards, cash, checks, and PayPal; however, there be a 4% Electronic Transaction Fee for debit and credit cards as well as PayPal.

  • When will higher priced items be selling during an on-site auction?

    Typically, higher priced items sell at noon. These items often include vehicles, large farm equipment, tractors, and highly collectable furniture. Please check with Auctioneer to confirm.

  • Do you sell items outright before the sale?

    No, we only sell items through the auction process.

  • Can I inspect the items I am interested in bidding on before the auction?

    Absolutely! We encourage all customers to view the items before the sale. Please call Tony @ (309-696-4312) if you would like to arrange a time.


  • I am attending my first auction? What do I need to know?

    At an Online Auction: You will register for the auction, be sure to note all terms and conditions.  Once you are registered you can bid or watch items.  You can enter your maximum bid and look for your invoice on Monday morning or you can watch the auction close to make sure you don’t miss anything!  It is often fun and surprising to see how things sell.  Once the auction closes you will receive an invoice, be sure to check your spam folder, and you will pickup and pay for your items on Monday between Noon and 5pm at the specified location for that auction.


    At a Live Auction:  There will be a cashier where you will register for the auction. This will include providing your license, telephone number, and email address. We will then provide you with an auction bid number. The auction bid number is your form of identification during the sale. When bidding on an item, you should hold your bid number high so that the auctioneer can clearly see your number. Please hold up the number until you have reached the maximum amount you would like to bid. When the item has been sold, we will record the highest bidder’s number. Once you are finished bidding on all the items you are interested in at the auction, you will return to the cashier to check out. Please ask any of our auction staff if you have any questions. There is no such thing as a bad question!

  • I want to have an auction or sell an item. What should I do?

    Please call Tony Gathman @ (309-696-4312) and to better understand the auction process, we recommend attending one of our auctions whether it be a live auction or an online auction.

  • Do I need to have a lot of items to have an auction?

    No. If you have a few smaller items, we can conduct an online only auction or we can combine your items with another consigner’s sale.

  • Do you ship items? How far will you ship?

    Yes, we are happy to ship items to anywhere the USPS or UPS delivers.

    If you need shipping you should be sure to leave a note to the auctioneer when you register.  We assume all out of state bidders and people more than 2 hours driving distance by Google Maps will need shipping.


    Shipping costs are based on size, weight and time to pack boxes.  You are charged postage (starting at $5), material fees and handling fees (starting at $5 and going up).  Heavy, large or fragile items are more time consuming to pack and thus incur more handling fees.


    Our goal with shipping is that an item should arrive to you in the same condition that it left the auction house and we take great care and time in trying to ensure that with the materials we have available.  Unfortunately, once an item leaves the auction house it is no longer in our control and we cannot be responsible for the item.  We strongly recommend that you pick up very fragile items and get insurance on all packages.

  • I won a firearm in an auction, what’s next?

    Congrats! If you are picking up in person you will need your FOID card and a Valid ID, in addition to $25 per gun for the mandatory transfer fees.  You will complete your paperwork in house with our FFL dealer and pickup your winnings at Locked and Nocked Outdoors the following Friday or Saturday.


    If you are an out of state winner we will need to email a copy of your FFL to info @ gathman auction . com and pay the invoice you receive via Square that has all the transfer and electronic transaction fees.  Once you have paid your invoice and submitted a copy of your FFL, Locked and Nocked Outdoors will prepare your item(s) for shipping and call you to collect shipping cost in order to send your item(s) on their way to you.


    Please note that if you won items that are not subject to special regulations you will see a shipping and handling charge on your Square invoice so that those items can be shipped separately upon receipt of payment.